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Before you come

Back up all of your data.
Don’t forget to back up your device to ensure that your information is protected before you come in for service.
Remove Activation Lock (also known as Find My) must be disabled for all iOS devices. Activation Lock also needs to be turned off for certain Mac models with a T2 chip:
-MacBook Air 2018 or later
-Macbook Pro 2018 or later
-Mac Mini 2018 or later
-Mac Pro 2019 or later
-All iMac Pro models
-iMac 2020 or later

For instructions on how to turn off Find My / remove a device from iCloud, click here:

Bring everything that’s needed
Don’t forget to bring the power chord and other accessories that might help us fix the issue.

Perform a software update
Many problems can be fixed by updating your device’s software.

Remove all of your passwords
For more information about Apple privacy policy, click here:

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